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The rising Insecurity and instability in Nigeria have continued to remain a daunting challenge. With the understanding that there can be no sustainable development without peace, KDI believes her programs and initiatives can bring innovative peacebuilding interventions. Ultimately resulting in tranquility. KDI approach to ensuring a peaceful society is seen in three major areas

Gender-responsive Peace building

Often, the needs of women and girls have been neglected in post-conflict policy response and assistance programs. It is essential to understand the links between gender and security. Gender is often at the core of creating sustainable peace and security. In the state of calamity and conflict, gender inequalities, corruption, and discrimination against women flourishes. KDI ensures that in post-conflict and post-pandemic, gender equality is mainstreamed into policy response and assistance programs. KDI assesses the implication of exclusion, proffer policy recommendations, and its practicability to decision-makers.

Community Conflict Prevention

Conflict at the community level is a global issue that requires innovative intervention. KDI employs a participatory approach to conflict prevention. KDI provides local and community leaders and influencers with the needed skills, knowledge, and tools to predict and prevent conflicts. Even in elections, KDI deploys her early warning indicators to predict, understand, and tackle the structural and immediate drivers of conflict

Peace building/Conflict research

KDI holds in high esteem in-depth research to approach all interventions. KDI supports a global framework on Women, Peace, and Security Indicators, piloting and integrating the WPSI into an early warning system for effect prediction.

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