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KDI Post-2023 Election Evaluation and Learning

Jun 22, 2023

…report assessing electoral security management and the effect of civic/voter education in the conduct of the 2023 general elections.

The 2023 general election in Nigeria is the 7th general election since the return to democracy in 1999. This election year marks 24 years of unbroken democratic governance in Nigeria. The credibility and peaceful conduct of the 2023 general election are significant pointers to how/if democracy has fared since 1999.

The elections were held with major upsets and gains in different forms. Though there were incremental signs of progress made in election administration with the use of technology (BVAS), noticeable improvements in results management by making it transparent and making it accessible to citizens, increased competitiveness in the presidential race with the advent of a third force, and quality engagement cum increase in digital activism of youth – the political landscape was ethnically charged and deeply polarized along religious lines. Several of the leading political parties, their flag-bearers, the political elite, and their “influencers” mobilized ethnic and religious sentiments through their comments and, in some cases, Freudian slips to garner votes and invalid votes increased drastically.

Considering these electoral happenings, conducting an evidence-based evaluation of the elections becomes imperative. KDI, with the support of the Foreign Commonwealth and Department Office (FCDO) Nigeria, conducted a participatory evaluation of important aspects of the 2023 election; These include Electoral Security Management and factors leading to rejected/invalid votes.