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/ The Quest for Peaceful Election


The Quest for Peaceful Election

May 18, 2023

The Quest for Peaceful Election is KDI’s detailed report and documentation of the 2023 general election security interventions and assessments.

The report comprises of the KDI’s key findings on the Election Violence Monitoring and Mitigation (EVMM) Project. It gives an overall insight from the election security early warning system (EWS) in the six (6) geo-political zones, accessing the pre-election environment to identify early warning signals in six (6) states, as well as trend analysis across these states. KDI deployed 267 long-term monitors to gather security information. Furthermore, KDI established stakeholders’ engagement in peace mediation with working committees and reflects data-driven advocacy and bilateral engagements with election stakeholders, party leaders, socio-cultural leaders, security forces and other CSOs to mitigate violence.

The KDI’s report suggests recommendations in areas of security and mechanisms the government, CSOs and INEC can use, as well as citizen voter education to mitigate election violence.